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Tips for Creating the Ultimate Capsule Travel Wardrobe

Travelling the world may seem like a foreign and far-off concept right now with the current pandemic, however that does not mean you cannot consider any future vacations or travelling plans. In fact, with the vaccine being implemented across the world, there may be the chance to travel this coming summer (whether abroad or exploring your own country).

When travelling, one important detail for some of us is ensuring that we have a travel wardrobe that allows us to look and feel stylish while we explore. This can be difficult to do as we want to refrain from carrying too much. Plus, what’s the likelihood of you wearing all the clothes you’ve brought when you overpack?

Hoping to travel once it is allowed and a lot safer? Here are a few tips to help you create the ultimate capsule travel wardrobe!

The Classic Round Neck T-Shirt

Packing a classic round neck t-shirt in a neutral colour opens you up to a whole world of possibilities. Not only is it versatile in style and can be worn with jeans, a skirt or layered with a pinafore or dress, but round neck t-shirts are incredibly flattering if you find one that fits your body shape properly. If you are heading to a warm country, it is best to find a t-shirt that is mostly made from cotton so that it is breathable and a lot more comfortable to wear. For instance, YUNION T has a range of beautifully minimalistic classic round neck t-shirts that are soft and easy to pair with a skirt, pair of trousers or wear under a dress. Head to for their full collection.

The Denim Skirt

A denim skirt is versatile but also durable and easy to wear. You can layer up your denim skirt with tights or wear it with long knee high socks, or if you want, you can keep your legs bare when the weather is too hot. The beauty of a denim skirt is that it is effortlessly chic and you can buy them in a variety of colours – dark blue, light blue, black, grey – so all you have to do is purchase one that suits your main aesthetic. For a more grunge and laidback style, black or grey is the perfect choice. However, for a more preppy style, a blue denim skirt should be your first choice.


We are unsure on the future of facemasks, but one thing that the pandemic has proven is that facemasks are a reliable and great means of protecting ourselves from illness and disease. It would be a smart idea to get into the mindset that wearing facemasks will become a new normal, so ensuring that you have a few packed would serve you well. Nowadays you can buy facemasks in a variety of styles, colours and patterns, meaning you can find a facemask that suits your style.

Whether you are hoping to travel later this year or are simply making plans for the next few years, learning how to create a travel wardrobe is a fun and smart way of preparing yourself for when airlines open again. When travelling, avoid taking too many items of clothing. Not only does this make your bags less heavy, but it also teaches you to create outfits before you leave.

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