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Tips For Designing a Wholesale Bag

The beauty of using eco-friendly packaging materials is that it helps tackle the challenge of climate change while at the same time helping your business grow. 

Using branded packaging bags helps the world know about your business and brand value through logos and taglines. Companies should therefore not take the process of designing packaging bags for granted.

It should be handled with the same zeal as when developing other marketing strategies.

If you consider using packaging to connect with your customers and boost your brand awareness, here are some simple steps to help you design the perfect wholesale jute bags.

1. Select the Bag Size and Material

Choosing the size of your wholesale bags is the first critical step. The correct packaging bag sizes will vary greatly depending on your business.

If you run a boutique, consider looking at packaging bags used by other businesses to get inspiration for your design. On top of the items carried using the bags, the other factor that will determine the size of the bags is how your target market will be using the bag beyond shopping with you. 

If you want to design a reusable bag, you must provide a size big enough to accommodate grocery shopping or pack clothes when traveling. You also have to think of the material and choose a durable one that can be reused without wearing it out.

2. Color

The next important step is choosing the color of the wholesale bags. You probably have your corporate colors; this should make your job easy when selecting colors for your wholesale bags. 

If you don’t have your business pallet, there are several ways to get inspiration; for instance, you could pick a color from your business cards or even the paint used in your store. You can also get online guides for choosing business colors.

Some manufacturers can even offer you a brand pallet to choose from and help you pick a brand color. Your color should showcase your brand identity and help your business stand out.

3. Finalize Your Bag Design

Now that you have the size, material, and color, you can proceed to complete the design. This is the step where you decide if you will include add-ons like side pockets, zippers, or buttons.

Select the length of handles depending on the intended use. In this finishing stage, you choose elements that make your bags unique.

4. Business Information

Once you have completed the customization, select the information you want to communicate with your customers and other audiences that will interact with the bags. If you have a logo and a tagline, this is where you give the manufacturer the information.

If you want customers and prospects to contact you, you can also provide your address and contact information.


Designing your business wholesale bags is very simple. All you have to do is provide customization information to the manufacturer, and you will have the product delivered as desired. The key elements include the bag size and materials, colors, design options, and your company’s information.

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