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UK Vacation Plans for the Perfect Getaway

The UK is a large place, and whether you’re from the UK, or you’re aiming to travel abroad for vacation, you probably don’t know about everything there is to see and do. That’s understandable. There are a lot of historical locations, modern attractions, and natural beauties to explore in our amazing region.

However, that can also make planning your vacation a bit difficult.

To help you out, we’re going to list some of the top vacation spots and give you a solid start on your UK vacation planning.

London and Big Ben:

First up, we’ll start off with the easy stuff. London seems to be everyone’s destination for its historical significance, an overwhelming sense of class, and regal nature. You’d be amiss to not at least visit London while you’re nearby.

Of note, London is home to Big Ben; the massive, 315’ clocktower that has become synonymous with London culture and history. There are tours available regularly, and just visiting the tower for a glimpse of its gothic architecture is the perfect way to start your trip to the UK.

Of course, London is also home to countless other historical landmarks, and its commercial areas are teeming with shopping opportunities, as well.

Isles of Sicily:

From the family-oriented culture to the food renowned across the globe for its rich flavors and comforting nature, the Isles of Sicily has some of the most beautiful, yet humble, environments for guests to enjoy.

While there is an unlimited number of cultural experiences to enjoy in Sicily, there’s one experience everyone is certain to remember for the entirety of their lifetime; the sunsets are absolutely stunning. If you journey to the UK, and you don’t stay in Sicily for just a single evening to watch as the sun cascades over the unique architecture and seemingly into the lustrous beach itself.

Also, UK residents should add this to their short list of places to visit. Most people don’t consider Sicily the UK, but the Isles of Sicily are in fact part of the UK known as the Archipelago. If you’re relatively nearby and haven’t enjoyed a Sicilian sunset, now is the time to do so.

Devon’s Holiday Parks:

Alright, you want more than just a cool place to start or end your vacation to the UK. You want something that is simple to book, but full of excitement and as little travel between spots as possible, right?

Devon Holiday Parks is the solution to your problem.

The Woolacombe holiday parks in Devon provide an all-in-one experience to guests. The full resort is comprised of four parks, each with its own themes, and they’re all maintained to the highest standards. You’ll find pristine beaches, food, child-friendly play areas, horseback riding, and more in each of the four resorts, and they’re all included in the same ticket package. So, you can easily buy your pass, enjoy each resort one by one, and get a complete UK experience without tons of planning or hours of travel.

Not only that, but the resorts are surrounded by local eateries, breweries, and nature spots that are sure to impress if you do decide to venture out a bit.

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