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Urban Creation and Bristol’s Ultimate Start-Up Vlogger Platform

It has a lovely ring to it, doesn’t it – Urban Creation? But no, Urban Creation is not some branding and development house that churns out each next vlogger in the exploding wave of the apparent blogging and vlogging craze.

What it is, in part, is the Beech House – Beech House Apartments located in the premium location of Clifton, Bristol!

It’s not just start-up vloggers who are using Urban Creation’s range of serviced apartment offerings as a platform to launch their content creation careers, with established vloggers frequenting the many different short-term accommodation options to film their videos. It’s always so interesting to note how even if a vlogger who has shot multiple videos in the different Beech House suites, one still can’t tell with 100% certainty that that is indeed the location. That obviously speaks to the impressive diversity, with a completely different “talking-head” backdrop achieved by simply moving the setup in the same suite.

Take the Junior Suite, for example, which offers at least two different seating positions for talking head filming, each of which positions can be maximised by merely changing the camera angle. In fact, considering the kitchen area as well, and perhaps even the bedroom (sectioned off by a bed screen), considerably more backdrops can be achieved, each bringing a unique and fresh angle. You could be in the same suite for an entire week and have totally different talking head views to enhance your video content with.

The south-facing bay window lets in lots of natural light, so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about setting up additional light sources, with the dining room table in the living area essentially offering a 360-degree range of possible backgrounds. Otherwise, for a little more of a relaxed feel to your video presentations, the couch has various different positions too.

Open or shut the curtains to make further use of the extended variety and all you’ll really need to do is focus on delivering your content!

There are plenty more room options, but for a certain type of vlogger, i.e. those who make walk-and-talk videos out and about in addition to their talking head videos, the great outdoors of premium locations are a few steps outside away. An embarrassment of riches in landmarks, museums, cafe, and other attractions lie in wait outside!

Having this type of setting could be considered perfect for content creators who don’t just want to create a pretty video, but grow their audience. For influencers who may be considering using websites such as and other websites that could possibly help boost prospective traffic on their pages, these apartments may just be the perfect aesthetic backdrop for their videos. This might be removing any stresses they feel of not having enough varied content locations or their backdrops not being aesthetic enough.

Vloggers who are particularly into the arts and culture will probably feel the need to extend their stay and perhaps book longer-term accommodation, otherwise, this part of the land will make for a place they can’t help but keep coming back.

Urban Creation nudges the prime location of Clifton, Bristol to within the reach of all kinds of travellers, even vloggers who are just starting out and could benefit from being able to create their content in a premium setting. It definitely offers a much more authentic feel than something like staying in an invariably expensive, traditional chain hotel ever could.

It’s not just the Beech House that’s available, but Alison Court and Charlotte’s Rise too.

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