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Using serviced apartments during COVID-19

Whilst the travel and hospitality sectors have taken a hit since the coronavirus pandemic started, some serviced apartment providers are still able to operate and are doing so to keep people safe and keep their business going.

There is some demand for this though, as front-line workers look for safer accommodation options for them and their loved ones.

Why use serviced apartments in a pandemic

Whilst it may seem unusual that people would still want to use serviced apartments during this time, for some it is essential.

Many luxury serviced apartment companies are finding new use from those who are key workers or who have now been asked to go back to work, and who do not want to put their family at risk whilst doing so.

Whilst this is not ideal, it is a perfect solution for those that need to work but who are worried about the possible passing of COVID-19. Many hotels are now shut, and not all key workers have places that they can send their children, so serviced apartments are becoming a new home from home.

Aside from not being around loved ones, serviced apartments offer many of the things that people need. These self-catering apartments are a great alternative to home, offering laundry facilities, a kitchen, living area, sleeping area and tech items such as a TV, Bluetooth speaker and coffee machine.

Some providers are offering stays to NHS staff and key workers for free and others are doing a reduced rate, so if you are a key worker and are worried about transmitting the virus then you might want to consider staying in a serviced apartment.

They offer security and somewhere comfortable to rest amid the chaos. Plus, many serviced apartments are payable either by a night rate, weekly rate, or monthly rate depending on how long you would like to stay.

For those working in cities such as Bristol or London, serviced apartments are often very central meaning you’re likely to find one that is a convenient distance from your place of work.

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