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Voxers Compression Shirt

High-Performance Compression Inner Wear

Today, we can find an abundance of sportswear and equipment online on sites like StringKing. This is good because we can shop for different sports and find exactly what we need according to our fitness, body type and necessary features for certain types of exercise. Here, though, we can find an interesting example in a new piece of clothing which is The Voxers Compression Shirt. The Voxers Compression Shirt is a high-performance compression inner wear garment, made of intelligent elastic-type materials. Designed to deliver advanced compression functionality, the Voxers Compression Shirt is popularly worn as sports gear, to prevent rashes and chafing during exercise. Many athletes also wear it for its effects on post-exercise recovery time, with its biomechanical properties speeding up muscle recovery while alleviating muscle stiffness.

Intelligent Design Features

The Voxers Compression Shirt boasts intelligent design technology, which ensures maximum functionality to all body types, in the form of efficient core body support. The compression inner wear garment’s effectiveness is a direct result of a rigorous and extensive material-testing process, carried out in pursuit of material that bears various health, safety and performance benefits at once.

The subsequent result takes the form of a sleek, lightweight and comfortable design, which feels like nothing more than a comforting extra layer of skin. The garment’s Flatlock seam construction makes it look and feel like a tailored wetsuit, with the performance and comfort to match.

Health & Safety Benefits

While the Voxers Compression Shirt more than holds its own in the visual appeal department, this compression inner wear garment earns its stripes in the health and safety benefits it delivers, in addition to the performance it offers.

By way of health and safety benefits, the Voxers Compression Shirt is power-packed with features that would put a smile on any physiotherapist’s face, so too that of a competent sports doctor. This is essentially why it is popular as a rapidly growing and big part of modern sports regimes, including the training, competition and post-competition phases.

The compression inner wear gear features a cleverly contoured design, officially known as the Moisture Transport System (MTS), which intuitively wicks sweat away from the body and works in tandem with the integrated antibacterial technology. While the MTS system keeps the wearer dry, even during heavy exercise or competitive sporting activity, the antibacterial and anti-odor technology prevents the germination of odor-causing microbes. This ensures prolonged periods of comfortable performance, leaving the athlete to focus solely on their activity with no irritations.

The Voxers Compression Shirt was also designed to deliver unmatched versatility, yielding high performance and safety standards in varied conditions. While acting as an effective cooling agent in extreme temperatures, the compression inner wear garment’s material also delivers effective UPF 30+ sun protection, effortlessly shielding the body from the sun’s harmful UV rays while regulating the body’s temperature.

The material used is also sturdy enough to act as the body’s cushion, reducing impact and the associated effects.

It’s not just professional athletes who use these types of performance enhancing garments, but active lovers of the great outdoors too. These are the types of people who are always in on the greatest ways through which to gain any slight advantage they can get, pretty much in all areas of their lives, which is why they even get ahead in hobbies such as online betting having made use of something like a casino no deposit bonus. You can’t go wrong rolling with this type of crowd!

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