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Ways to Make Money While Having Fun

Most of us who work full-time jobs, can’t afford to take on another real job due to energy and time constraints. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your income a little bit and start worrying less over your monthly budget. The best part of it is that some of the ways you can make money on the side can be extremely fun. In case you’re wondering how to do this, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make money while having fun.

Selling crafts

Crafting is an interesting hobby and if you’re into creating stuff such as mosaic picture frames, DIY candles or metal roses, you can make money off of it. The emergence of the web has made it easier for people to sell stuff they craft and all you need to do is register on sites such as Etsy and eBay. You can craft things while watching TV or spending time with your friends and family members. As long as you take quality photos and write long descriptions of your crafts, finding customers online shouldn’t be tough. Just remember that selling stuff online requires some strategizing. For example, always try to have your auctions end on Sunday evening as that’s when most people are browsing the web.


Let’s face it, taking care of little ones isn’t the most difficult job out there. If you’re good with children, it can actually be quite fun. Professionals have never been busier which means there are even more job opportunities for babysitters. All you have to do is start promoting your services and once you connect with parents nearby, landing babysitting jobs should be a real piece of cake. The best part – most of the time, the children will be asleep and all you’ll have to do is be just be there. This means you can scroll through your social media feed or talk to your friends and get paid for doing it.

Playing games

Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and other video games are constantly gaining popularity. One of the biggest reasons for this is that there are online streaming platforms such as Twitch and Mixer. These platforms allow users to stream their own gameplay and make money from their audience’s subscriptions. Whether you enjoy playing some of these games or any other popular video game, becoming a streamer might be exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, if you want to do it, you need a strong internet connection and a good gaming PC or console. If you want to do something else, you can always try your luck and play games at Royal Panda from your home. Games of chance have never been more popular and there’s just so many of them you can choose from. Casino games have always been popular when it comes to making money and there’s a lot that entrepreneurs can learn from them. You can read more about this on the Epodcast Network website, for example.

Playing music

We talked about playing games but what else can you play and make money off of it – music! Whether you play guitar, piano or you sing, there are tons of ways you can make some extra cash and have fun along the way. If you’re into songwriting, you can start by coming up with your own songs, record them and put them for sale online. You might even be able to get gigs at local bars. In case you want to take a different approach, you can record covers of popular songs and upload them on YouTube. Just bear in mind that you need a quality microphone if you want your covers to sound good. Those living in large cities can even give busking with friends a chance.

Running a blog

If you take a better look at the web, you’ll see that the internet is now all about blogs. Users keep searching for content and those who’re able to produce it can make extra cash from the comfort of their home. In case there’s a hobby or subject you’re particularly interested in, why not start blogging about it? After all, running a blog has never been easier than it is today. There are platforms like WordPress you can use to set up your website and the only thing left to do is to start creating content. Taking an online writing course before you start is a great idea as it can make your posts more appealing to your audience. As your blog grow, you’ll start getting offers from people who want you to promote their product or put their ads on your site.


We live in the age of technology and the web offers so many options when it comes to supplementing your income. Combine them with more traditional side jobs and there’s a variety of side jobs you can choose from. It’s all about finding the one you enjoy doing and coming up for ways to become even better at it. Put enough time and effort into it, and you might eventually end up switching your career.

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