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What Brexit means for Health and Safety

Large intergovernmental changes like Brexit can often have some interesting impacts on health and safety legislation. One of the key concerns was how the change in legislation may affect the different compliance rules that employers have to abide by. Companies that are feeling overwhelmed with all the impending changes might want to look at employing the services of someone like Sentient HR services, as they can provide individual guidance on all things health and safety related. Whilst this may change in the future, the current legislation is due to be upheld throughout the transition period. Additionally, in any case, the role of health and safety will be to ensure workers get home safe at the end of the day.

The health and safety at work act may be reviewed in the near future

The current health and safety act has been followed for years and is unlikely to change drastically in the near future, however it may be reviewed for deficiencies, especially in the realm of mental health. This means that for now, the relevant signage, such as caution signs uk based and us based will continue to be used, but health and safety in terms of mental health will be developed. Measures may be taken to test the current applicability of the legislation and how it takes into account the mental health of employees. Measures may be put in place to put further safeguards on the wellbeing of employees.

Flexible working is going to be analysed more carefully

The British Safety Council have also started to have a look at how the current legislation takes into account flexible working arrangements. Given that the legislation in place now was drawn up in the 60s many feel it is now outdated and cannot cover situations where employees may be either working at home or remotely. Brexit could provide the opportunity for these to regulations to be updated for the modern workplace.

The UK intends to retain its status as a ‘gold standard’ of health and safety

Current experts in health and safety worry about the potential for unnecessary and reckless deregulation after Brexit. This could undermine legislation which has safeguarded employees for a long time.

Despite the potential for change, the British Safety Council has stated that it still wants to maintain the current British gold standard of health and safety present across the country. In any case, intense de-regulation is currently looking unlikely.

Stay up to date with any of the new development The current situation is unlikely to stay the same, especially given the still present uncertainty around how Brexit could impact on health and safety legislation. Whatever changes, the best practice around managing worker safety is unlikely to change drastically. Make sure you stay updated with the latest news and rules of best practice to keep your employees as safe as they can be

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