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What does SUP stand for with paddle boards?

The world seems to slowly be getting back to normal, and let’s all hope it stays this way. For many, the lockdowns have been difficult and after all this time being stuck inside, it has led to an explosion in staycations and getting back out and in the fresh air. Exercise has been difficult to keep on top of during this time, with all of us being limited to only being allowed out once a day for a walk or a run, so now it has been a great opportunity to recognise what comes with the freedom and take advantage of all the different things we can do now. Even something as simple as going to the beach has been a great relief for many of us, and led to an increase in different sporting activities including water sports.

Paddle boarding is a skill (or art!) of getting out on the water, whether it be the sea or lake on a board with a paddle, and is becoming more popular as a choice of sport across the UK. Outlets such as Aquaplanet offer a variety of paddle boards for those looking to try something new, or more high end boards. Stand Up (SUP) boards are more common amongst the paddle boarding world, whereby you stand up to paddle compared to sitting down and paddle. SUP boards come in different varieties, whether it is the length or design there are plenty of choices out there for everyone. This blog will look into some of the things to do with your SUP board and the benefits it has, so keep on reading to find out more!

How to get the most out of SUP boards

SUP boards offer the opportunity to go and explore out on the water, areas of natural beauty you would not often get the chance to see in day-to-day life. Getting out in the fresh air, whether you are by yourself or amongst a larger group, SUP boards once mastered are a great way to get out there, and even if you are completely new, a great skill to master and get your teeth into. SUP boards are a challenge to master, but can be a great way to explore the UK, if you are looking for new holiday ideas and not yet ready to travel abroad and look for an alternative.

A great form of low intensity exercise, opening up your world to a different part can be a great way to get away from the stresses of everyday life, and lose yourself in this new hobby. And you can guarantee that after you’ve been out on your SUP board your whole body will be thoroughly worked out as you are using everything from your legs for balance, to the upper body which twists as you paddle through the water working a number of different muscles. Great especially for those who can find the traditional forms of exercise often boring and mundane, as SUP boards offer a change of scenery and the chance to explore in a new setting.

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