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What is a serviced apartment?

When deciding on which type of accommodation to stay in there are many factors that are going to help you decide. For example, how long you are planning to stay, what the purpose of your stay is, whether you will be staying alone and the amenities you will need. A serviced apartment can accommodate a wide range of these requirements.

Generally, a serviced apartment is a self contained furnished flat in a building that you pay to stay in. Serviced apartments will usually have private bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, and a fully equipped kitchen but what else should you know about serviced apartments before staying in one?

Who can stay in a serviced apartment?

Due to the flexibility and range of facilities serviced apartments are popular amongst many groups and individuals, most popular including:

  • Working individuals and groups
  • Staycation tourists
  • Longer term tourists
  • Groups
  • Students
  • Families
  • Pets (check direct for pet policies before booking)

What’s the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel room

A key difference between serviced apartments and hotel rooms is the facilities, whereas hotel rooms usually tend to have a more open plan and single room layout, serviced apartments have a whole apartment feel with separate bedrooms and living areas as well as a kitchen.

Serviced apartments are also largely different from hotels with pricing, serviced apartments tend to be less expensive over longer stays and therefore more economical than staying in a hotel. Similarly because serviced apartments come with kitchens, you are able to cook your own meals and can therefore save money that you would otherwise have spent going out to eat.

Benefits of a serviced apartment

  • Space

With serviced apartments a big benefit tends to be the amount of space you get for the price that you pay. Usually you can expect to get around 30% more space in a serviced apartment than you would get in the hotel room equivalent.

  • Furnished apartments

Another key benefit to serviced apartments is that they come fully furnished, like hotel rooms where you can expect to find all the usual facilities. However with serviced apartments you also get the added bonus of a fully equipped kitchen meaning that you can cook your own meals if you so wish.

  • Flexibility

Due to the furnished aspect of serviced apartments you get a lot more flexibility than staying in other accommodations, although you are able to come and go as you please sometimes you are restricted with regards to food service times e.g. breakfast service between 8am-10am where as having your own kitchen gives you freedom to decide when to eat. Similarly serviced apartments can come with a number of separate bedrooms and bathrooms meaning that if you are travelling within a group these are easy to arrange. 

  • Location

Serviced apartments are usually situated in prime locations for tourists and business districts meaning that they can be ideally located for those who are using them for leisure purposes as well as work.

As mentioned, serviced apartments are a great accommodation option for various stays and people, although facilities will vary depending on each serviced apartment so ensure to check before you book.

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