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What Makes Hiring Easier in 2021?

Once upon a time, hiring was a straightforward exercise. You filled out an application, logged in your cover letter and qualifications and handed it over to a human. A human hired a human.

Other human things happened. A hiring manager screened the applications and placed them in front of human recruiters, who placed a human in front of actual human managers.

Then humans could review the employee’s work, conduct performance evaluations, make decisions about pay and bonuses, fire the employee, or reassign the job. Human managers, like all human bosses, could fill out a job application or leave it with the HR department, or just take the initiative and fill it out themselves.

Hiring didn’t change much. It changed a little because artificial intelligence was a small bit more important, and recruiting processes were also improved through the deployment of technology, like robo-jobs, that could do much of the tasks humans used to do.

Today, the majority of the hiring process takes less than a minute. The hiring manager logs in to his or her email and checks if there’s any work for the human being to do, and that’s that. Everything is automated. And most industries can benefit from this way of hiring. For example, if you work in the transportation industry, specifically dealing with truck drivers, then driver recruiting software, that you can find at places like Tenstreet offers many advantages to hiring the right people for the job. Though many won’t agree that software and automation should replace humans, this method has streamlined such processes, thus allowing for it to be done at a much quicker rate. The quicker you have employees, the faster you can drive your business forward. Automated processes have never been more beneficial.

In most cases though, humans fill in an application or leave one with human recruiters, who place the application with human managers. Human managers fill out a job application, they review the applicants, and they decide who is hired. Human managers take the time to make a job offer themselves and handle things if the HR department rejects the candidate. It is the HR department might look at background check scores such as criminal and substance abuse history, for the prospective candidate (either done through agencies such as or internally) and choose according to their requirement. Human managers review performance and determine whether the employee was a waste of time or not.

And then human managers dismiss the employee. Human managers, like all human bosses, can’t fire humans. They leave it up to human managers, HR departments, HR departments, human supervisors, and human HR managers to decide the employment status.

Overall, humans can only fill in an application, find other employees with the same or similar skills, and hope that the other employees are willing to switch their jobs. Human managers, like all human bosses, can’t fill out a job application or leave it with human recruiters. Human supervisors can’t decide the employment status or offer jobs or salaries. Human HR managers can’t decide the employment status. Human HR managers can’t fill in a job application or leave it with human recruiters. Human HR managers can’t leave it with human recruiters. Human HR managers can’t see job opportunities themselves. Human supervisors can’t decide the employment status or offer jobs or salaries. Human HR managers can’t take the initiative to fill it out themselves. Human HR managers and human HR managers and HR departments can’t switch jobs themselves.

And it’s just getting more complicated.

What Makes Hiring More Difficult in 2021?

Even with a software-powered HR department or the recruiting process, hiring won’t change much. For instance, if an employer needs to do a background check of a potential employee, there are agencies that can carry out the process. Note that the majority of these tasks are performed by humans.

Human managers will still hire, manage, and fire employees. Human employees will still get paid. Human employees will still be subject to human performance reviews, human pay rates and job placements, human pay policies, human pay regulations, human assessments of performance, human terminations, human reassignments, and human terminations. Human managers and HR departments will still approve the employment status and impose it upon human employees.So ultimately, solutions such as Staff Glass onboarding software make hiring easier in 2021.

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