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What Paddle Boards are Best for Beginners?

Paddle boards really getting popular as an alternative to surfboards, kayaks, and canoes, but they haven’t been in the spotlight for long. That means it can be pretty difficult for beginners to dig through all the various types of paddleboards and find the one that will be best for them to learn.

There are a lot of different types of paddleboards, and each one has its own unique traits that make it good or bad for certain users.

Today, we’re going to go over the best types to look at if you’re a beginner, and we’ll explain why they’re so good.

Beginner Paddleboards

This is an obvious one. It’s even in the name. There are paddleboards made specifically for beginners.

These “beginner” paddleboards are designed to be easy to maneuver, stable, and bare-bones in terms of features. This is to create a very user-friendly experience even if you have never ridden any sort of board; whether that be a skateboard, surfboard, or anything else.

Beginner boards are made wide, but not so wide that they’ll be difficult to turn and maneuver, and they tend to be lighter, but not quite as light as racing boards. The average person should be able to stand on a beginner paddleboard and be able to maneuver it without too much trouble in a few minutes.

The lack of special features might turn you off, but that leads to its last benefit. Beginner paddleboards are cost-effective. You’ll pay a couple of hundred dollars for one of these. However, if you want a fancy fishing paddleboard with tons of attachment points and special features, you will pay several hundred dollars or even a grand before you start buying accessories for it. So, there’s a huge price difference, and this is definitely the better option if you don’t know that you’ll enjoy the sport.

Fishing Paddleboards

These aren’t marketed as beginner-friendly options, but we believe just about any beginner will have just as easy of a time learning to use this as they would a beginner board.

These are typically very wide, very stable boards designed to give anglers a steady surface to fish from even on choppy water. That’s why we think these are great beginner options. They’re stable, and while they’re pretty slow, you won’t have to worry about falling off constantly.

Another benefit is that these are designed to hold a lot of gear via tow lines and attachment points. So, they’re more flexible platforms.

However, these can cost quite a bit, and if you’re not ready to commit to paddleboarding, you’ll end up wasting a lot more money on this than you would a basic model. This is still cheaper than a really nice kayak, though.

Yoga Paddleboards

Finally, yoga paddleboards are a great middle-ground between beginner boards and fishing boards. They feature wide and long bases, textured top surfaces, and lightweight construction. They don’t have attachment points, and they’re not as fast as beginner boards, but you’re essentially getting a mix of what both previous boards offered at a middle-of-the-road price.

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