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What Should You Pack for Your Kayaking Day Trip?

Are you planning a kayaking day trip? Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran on the water, there are a few things you should always remember to pack for your day out to ensure a successful and enjoyable adventure. 

From quick trips around the lake to an all-day point-to-point paddling trip, it’s vital to always follow a checklist and ensure you’ve got your kayak clothing, kit and everything in between to make it as comfortable as possible!

Kayaking Checklist

Most of the things on this checklist are items that every kayaker will need for their day trip, especially beginners who are just getting started. See this as a beginner’s kayaking essentials list everyone should use before starting their adventure. 

  1. Kayak

Let’s start with the most obvious, shall we? You’ll need to bring a kayak on your trip unless you’re hiring one at your starting point. Choose a kayak that suits your skill level – if that’s beginner, a simple recreational kayak will do the trick. Try to look for a kayak with a large cockpit so you can get in and out easier, and with a back support that feels comfortable. Check for any leaks, damage or repairs needed before setting out. 

  1. Paddle

Of course, a kayaking trip is nothing without a paddle. Grab a paddle that’s suitable for your height and the type of water you’ll be navigating. Lightweight materials like fibreglass or carbon fibre are great paddle materials. If you can, bring a spare paddle just in case you end up losing yours.

  1. Buoyancy Aids

Another important item you must remember is a buoyancy aid. It’s an essential piece of kit for your safety in the water and will keep you afloat in any unforeseen circumstances. By wearing a buoyancy aid, you’ll have peace of mind and be able to enjoy your trip even more than if you weren’t wearing one. 

  1. Kayak Clothing

What you wear on the water will largely depend on the weather conditions. In the middle of summer, some comfy shorts and a T-shirt will work as long as you’re wearing enough sun cream! 

However, in the winter, you might want to wear a wetsuit or drysuit (depending on your budget) to stay warm. 

A wetsuit is a tight-fitting suit used to insulate your body in cold water and a drysuit is completely water-tight meaning you can wear regular clothes underneath. Depending on your preferences it might be worth adding one to your kit. 

  1. Wet Shoes

If you’re planning a kayaking excursion, wet shoes will make your trip a lot more comfortable. Wet shoes have a lot of grip, making them helpful when walking on slippery surfaces. Whatever you choose to wear on your feet, avoid flip flops which offer little grip and will be lost instantly if you fall in the water. 

  1. Dry Bag

Finally, a dry bag is a great piece of kayaking kit if you decide to take some valuables with you. Designed to be completely waterproof, you can put your mobile phone, car keys, spare clothes and more in a dry bag and rest easy knowing that they’ll all be dry at the end of the day. 

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