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What size inflatable paddleboard is right for me?

Paddleboards are brilliant pieces of equipment that can allow you to explore both rivers, lakes and the oceans in a unique manner, and they are becoming incredibly popular. If you are interested in buying one, you might be wondering; what size paddleboard is right for me?

What you should be looking for

When searching for your paddleboard, you are looking for something that allows you to float comfortably and ride the water with stability, but allows you to cut through the water and reach a suitable speed. For this reason, you are looking for the right balance of length and width.

There is a wide range of paddleboards of various sizes, but most major providers have a number of recognisable classes within certain size ranges. To simplify things, we will use Aquaplanet’s range of paddle boards as a representative of the industry.

The all rounder

The most widely used paddle boards are around 10-11 feet long and about 32 inches wide. These are good all round boards, and allow both beginners and intermediates to take to the water.

Board for better movement

If you have a greater focus on being able to manoeuvre smoothly on the water, you might be more interested in a shorter board. These shorter boards are typically between the 9-10 fee range.

Racing and Touring

If you won’t be navigating much, and want to prioritise speed, there are 12+ foot boards that you can look at. These boards include ones that are geared towards racing, such as 14ft, and others focus on fast touring, such as 12’6 ft. These sizes tend to be more suitable for more advanced users.

These boards might be slightly less stable than their wider counterparts, they are still pretty stable due to the advantages that inflatable boards have. Inflatables are the same thickness across the whole board, which makes them much more stable than your average hard paddleboard.

Size isn’t everything

However size isn’t the only thing that determines which boards you should pick. There are other features such as the shape of the board itself, how it is constructed and how its fin system works. You can look these up when exploring paddle board ranges and their stats. This can help you understand how inflatable paddle boards work and which one suits you most.

Not all boards are created equal. The right board for you depends on your height and reach, how you want to use the board, how far you will be paddling, the conditions you will be facing in the water and whether you will have passengers or extra luggage in a dry bag on the board.

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