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What to Look for in a Sailing Jacket

When you get into sailing, you already know you need to buy clothes that are going to help you enjoy yourself safely. One of the most important pieces of that sailing attire is the sailing jacket.

Your sailing jacket, if you choose the right one, will keep you warm, dry, and properly equipped when going on boat rentals ibiza.

We’re going to go over the main traits you want to look for in a sailing jacket. With this being such an important piece of gear, you want to splurge to get one that will truly improve your sailing experience.


You do not want to go for the cheapest option in this category. You want a good sailing jacket, and you’re going to need to pay good money for one made with premium materials.

You can find sailing jackets made from nylon, polyester, neoprene, and more. They all tend to be made from some sort of plastic due to their waterproof capabilities.

You want to make sure your sailing jacket is made of thick, sturdy materials that will take a beating. If it’s flimsy, it might get ruined the first time a hard wave knocks you over or slams you into the deck.

However, you don’t want to buy anything that is too thick or heavy. You might go overboard, and you need to be able to swim if that happens.


This goes hand in hand with the first consideration. You must choose a jacket that is made from a waterproof material. Having a lightweight jacket is important because you might go overboard and need to swim. However, if that lightweight material isn’t waterproof, it can feel like you’re wearing a suit of armor when you go overboard. A waterproof material won’t absorb water and gain weight.


The jacket isn’t just a tool to keep you dry. It’s used to keep must-have items attached to your body. If you fall in the water, things that aren’t locked in an enclosure or strapped to you will be gone forever.

If you pay a little extra for a good jacket with plenty of zippered pockets, you’ll be able to keep priceless gear attached to your body safely. This can include emergency equipment like radios, survival gear, and your cell phone in a waterproof shield. You don’t want to have to use those sorts of things for real, but if you get in a situation where it’s necessary, you’ll appreciate having those items rigged to your body instead of stuck on your boat or sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Make Sure it Fits:

If you happen to go overboard, you’ll be in more layers of clothing than you are on most days, and you’ll be trying to swim in all of that. You need to have a full range of motion to ensure you can swim as effectively as possible. Not to mention, you need to move quickly in a cramped space on a boat.

So, make sure whatever jacket you buy fits well. You’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll be able to perform better in serious situations.

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