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Where Should Students Stay in London: 3 Options

If you’re coming to London for schooling, you’ve made a great choice. Our educators are among the best in the world, and you will receive the education you need to succeed in life. 

However, we know that coming to a strange, unfamiliar place to live while you receive that education can be extremely disorienting. You don’t know where, or what, anything is, there are different cultural standards, and even something as simple as buying some milk can be a completely new experience depending on where you’re originally from. 

Luckily, that can be easier to adjust to if you have a solid place to stay while you’re here, and you can get a genuine opportunity to unwind each day to collect yourself. 

Today, we’re going to go over three options you have for student accommodation in London

Let’s get started. 

1: Hotels

First, we’ll get this one out of the way. It’s not recommended. Even if you find an affordable option, you’ll be stuck in a tiny room, eating microwaved meals, and generally struggling to relax even when you’re not studying or adjusting to life in London. 

These hotels have small rooms that try to combine all the most basic functions of a home into one tiny space, closet-sized bathrooms, and plenty of noise from the neighbors. 

This is a better option than staying in on-campus housing because you’re on your own and able to live like an adult, but it’s not ideal; worse, you’ll pay almost as much as the other two options for the “luxury” of this experience. 

2: Apartment Rental

This is better than a hotel, and you’ll have all the space you need to live on your own. However, there’s a big problem. The price is a bit ridiculous, and you still have to furnish the place. When you’re paying for tuition, that’s a lot of extra expenses. 

Not to mention, you’re stuck with a lease. What happens if you decide to take another path in life or your financial situation changes?

3: Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are just like normal apartments. That’s why we didn’t highlight the details in the previous section. In both, you get private bedrooms, a full kitchen, a complete den, and yes, a proper bathroom. It is just a normal apartment with some luxurious features. 

However, serviced apartments function like hotels. 

They are fully furnished, which means you won’t be buying furniture and appliances, and they’re priced very similarly; you might even get special student discounts or long-term stay discounts from certain owners. 

Better yet, you’re not on a lease. You just book it like a hotel, and if you need to leave early, you can check out early. Just make sure to check the early check-out rules to make sure you don’t breach your agreement and lose the money you don’t need to spend. 

Enjoy London and Prepare Yourself for the Future

Coming to London for your education was a good choice, and you have numerous accommodation choices to make the stay one you’ll never forget. So, enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you around while you’re here. 

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