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Which Countries Export the Best Cigars?

Today’s post explores a piece I recently wrote for Cigar Trends: Cigar Merchants, Cigar Distributors & Merchants of the Americas – which explores the question, “Who are the best cigar manufacturers in the world?” and determines which nations’ cigars are known as the best and worst, regardless of which nationality or region the tobacco is produced in.

Those countries represented in the article are:

1. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, home to the major tobacco producers and exporters Carlos Fuente, Foncaña, Arturo Fuente & RJO, is located just north of Puerto Rico, one of the Caribbean Islands that exports the most cigars in the world. Dominican cigars are known as being among the most modern and flavorful and are among the most popular cigars in the world.

The Dominicans’ popular factory is Don Carlos from Tatuaje. Also, the best cigar on the market today is a Dominican cigar from Arturo Fuente. It is called the Blue Seal and is available at most high-end tobacco shops in the USA and at many cigar clubs in Canada and Europe.

2. Cuba

The other Caribbean island that exports more cigars than anywhere else in the world is Cuba. The nation is also known as being the nation that produces some of the best cigars. It is also known as the nation that possesses the best tobacco in the world.

All Cuban cigars are made in Cuba and are known as being somewhat coarse, with some stronger cigar juice flavors. Cuban cigars from the Capones brand are known for having flavors that are slightly in a sweeter nature than those from more modern Cuban cigars. Some cigar smokers also prefer Cuban cigars, as they are well made and satisfying. Also, Cuban cigars are well produced and have much consistency among different Cuban cigars.

On the negative side, Cuban cigars are sometimes very expensive and it is difficult to find Cuban cigars outside of Cuba. The flavor profiles are slightly different than Cuban cigars that are made in other countries.

3. Guatemala

Guatemala, located along the Caribbean coast in Central America, is known for its excellent tobacco growing conditions. The country is a main exporter of tobacco from Central America to the rest of the world.

One of the oldest, and most popular, cigars in the world is the Xilonax from Moro, a company that produces cigars in Guatemala and is located just north of Belize. In fact, the Guatemalan cigar industry’s greatest success story is its production of cigars called Lincolns. These cigars are about three times as large as a cigar made in Cuba and taste very different from cigars in Cuba. Guatemalan cigars have been a favorite cigar for cigar enthusiasts for many years.

The best cigar made in Guatemala, in my opinion, is also the best cigar to date: the Nicaraguan cigar produced from the New Generation of Nicaraguan Cigars. This is a cigar that has been produced and marketed by Lucero Cigars in the Dominican Republic since 2005. It has been nicknamed “The Dominican Model” or “The Dominican Model II” and is not only extremely consistent, it also has a strong presence in the market. Some cigar smokers believe that it is an excellent cigar, as it is very well crafted.

Cigar Trends: Cigar Merchants, Cigar Distributors & Merchants of the Americas – Makes, Sells and Sells

4. Honduras

The Central American country of Honduras is known for its tobacco growing region that includes the small nation of Honduras. Honduras also produces cigars and is known for their cigars being very inexpensive and easy to obtain.

5. Cigars From Rich Volcanic Nicaraguan Soil

Nicaragua is located in Central America and produces some of the best cigars in the world. Although it is not a major producer of cigars, the country still exports cigars to many countries and many of its cigars are known for being very difficult to obtain outside of Nicaragua, like Premium Maduro cigars. These are generally cigars that are very heavily influenced by Cuban tobacco, especially in the production of the cigars.

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