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Why Serviced Accommodation is on the Rise in the UK

The world of accommodations has changed quite a bit over the last few decades. First, traditional hotels dominated the market, and then the advent of Airbnb began to take over. Now, there’s a new option that’s starting to gain traction quickly, and it’s disrupting the travel industry: Serviced accommodation.

Serviced accommodations are apartments that come with all the perks of a hotel; without the drawbacks.

Let’s look at the different reasons serviced accommodation is taking the industry by storm.

1: Space

One of the most attractive advantages of serviced accommodation is that you get a lot more space compared to a hotel or other traditional options. Instead of a single room with a tiny bathroom, you get a full apartment. That includes a living room, a full kitchen, a bathroom, and full bedrooms. This makes for a much more comfortable experience, and it’s a lot more practical for longer stays.

 2: Length of Stay

Speaking of longer stays, serviced accommodations aren’t so nit-picky about how long you stay. With a hotel, you’re stuck with a week-long stay at most. However, you can rent serviced accommodation for a year or more. This makes it a much better option for traveling business professionals or other guests who need to stay in the same spot for an extended period.

However, it’s not limited to long stays. You can rent serviced accommodation for a single night, a week-long vacation, or anything else if you want.

3: Privacy

Privacy is growing more important by the day, and traditional accommodation options just don’t offer it. With serviced accommodations, you get a completely private space to call home temporarily.

4: Security

Hotels can only provide so much security. They’re filled with tons of rooms, utilize weak lock mechanisms, and it’s nearly impossible to staff enough security to protect every inch of such a large property.

The smaller facility size and fewer apartments in a serviced accommodation make it far easier to provide in-depth security.

You don’t have to worry about a mischievous guest breaking into your room, or strangers off the streets breaking into the apartment complex.

5: Luxury Accommodations

Vacation is supposed to be something special. Do you want to spend it in a rundown hotel? Well, most people don’t.

A serviced accommodation is designed to be a luxurious experience. Not only will you have an amazing vacation, but each time you return to your apartment, you’ll have a better-than-home experience that matches such an exciting time in your life.

This focus on luxury has attracted vacationers and holiday goers in ways that traditional options simply can’t match.

6: At-Home Feel in the Heart of Major Cities

Finally, another reason serviced accommodation is on the rise is that it provides a luxurious home environment right in the heart of major tourist destinations. Sure, hotels are located in the same types of areas, but they don’t offer the same at-home feeling. They’re cramped, lack functionality, and just don’t provide the best experience.

Join the Bandwagon

If you’re planning your next vacation, take the opportunity to see why serviced accommodation is on the rise for yourself. Book a Beech-House serviced accommodation, today!

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