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Why some of the main hotel providers are opening up their own serviced apartments

When it comes to staying competitive, constant iteration and improvement are often needed to keep your business one step ahead of the competition. This mantra rings very true in the hospitality industry.

New booking apps and online platforms are making it easier for industry disruptions like Airbnb and to empower members of the public to launch their own hospitality initiatives. Established hotels, however, are now responding through offering their own ‘serviced apartments’. Keep reading to discover why traditional hotels are now changing their value offering to include more modern forms of accommodation.

The demand for serviced apartments has skyrocketed in recent years

Many individuals are now looking for different ways to accommodate themselves on business and personal trips. Group travellers now prefer to stay together in one complex as a pose to hotel rooms which may be located in different areas. This is why the demand for serviced apartments has risen so much, with more people looking online for their accommodation. One of the other reasons why hotels are offering serviced apartments is so they can accommodate long-stay customers.

Serviced apartments offer more long-term stays which require less maintenance

Despite the ‘holiday’ feel of staying in a hotel, most of the business that the industry receives is from business travellers. These trips can often range in length, and for shorter business trips a hotel is often perfect for a few nights. However when workers are travelling a long distance and partaking in work placement in a different area, often a serviced apartment is a much better option.

The extra room will help the guest to feel more comfortable and give them greater flexibility both in terms of what they can do and in the apartment and the amount of luggage they can bring. Hotels offering serviced apartments are now tapping into a completely different market. And the extra cooking and laundry facilities are making them an attractive prospect for many guests.

Hotels can offer more cooking facilities and amenities

With serviced apartments now more popular with long term guests, having good cooking and cleaning facilities inside is now a must. Hotels have met the demand by offering high-quality appliances that enable long term guests to look after themselves during their stay.

Serviced apartments can offer better quality

In terms of quality, having a large number of hotel rooms to look after can often lead to a drop in quality. This can be less of a case with serviced apartments. Provided they are properly cleaned by the hotel, offering linen and laundry serviced often give the feeling of extra quality for the serviced apartment. 

Many providers now specialise purely in serviced apartments

With the recent growth in the market of serviced apartments, many businesses are now specialising in this type of accommodation. When evaluating your options as a traveller make sure you go with a serviced apartment provider, be it a hotel or private business, that has a proven track record of excellence.

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