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Why use paper mailing bags

It is estimated around 5 million tonnes of plastic is used every year in the UK alone, nearly half of all this plastic comes from packaging. It is time for people and businesses to start looking at making more eco-friendly choices when it comes to posting and packaging, for example paper mailing bags.

Plastic packaging can take up to 450 years to biodegrade whereas paper in comparison only takes between 2 – 6 weeks to decompose making paper mailing bags a much more environmentally friendly option for posting items and letters than plastic ones. 


As discussed, a big key benefit to choosing paper mailing bags over plastic ones is the big impacts on the environment.  Mailing bags made from paper only are 100% biodegradable and recyclable meaning they have a much less damaging effect on the planet. Some paper products and packaging can even have seeds embedded in them meaning the paper can be planted after use and actually grow plants, flowers or vegetables making them even better for the environment. It is important to source your paper products from ethical and sustainable sources to make sure you are not contributing to other environmental issues such as deforestation.


Contrary to belief paper can be better at protecting contents than plastic, due to its rigidity. For posting documents, paper mailing bags made from a strong paper type such as Kraft will be better at protecting documents than plastic ones. Kraft paper mailing bags hold their shape a lot better than plastic ones so for posting important documents  or letters they can be more reliable. After use, if stored correctly, paper mailing bags are strong enough to be reused again and again, lowering their impact on the environment.


Paper mailing bags are very easy to customise with branding, colours and print so allows you to stand out against other deliveries your receiver may be getting. There are also a number of different paper types and thicknesses that you can order meaning that there are options for all levels of budget.


Aside from being more environmentally friendly than plastic ones, paper mailing bags are also safer around children and pets. Due to being more rigid than plastic ones there is less risk of suffocation as there is a low chance that an airtight seal can be created. This means that they can be stored in a more relaxed environment without the stress of posing a danger to small children or animals.

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With environmental issues at the forefront of the media, it is more important than ever for businesses to accept corporate responsibility. Choosing to use paper mailing bags rather than plastic ones sends a clear message to any customers or clients that your business is conscious about its effects on the environment. It could also be a USP to stand out against your competitors and be a deciding factor for potential customers on their purchase journey.

There are a number of benefits  to using paper mailing bags over other alternatives available, it is important to know exactly which size and type of paper mailing bag you will need before ordering to avoid issues.

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