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Why you are seeing stand up paddle boards everywhere

If you have gone out to your local lake or river, you have most likely seen people moving around on stand up paddle boards. In fact they have been popping up everywhere. Water sports as a whole have become increasingly popular over recent years, the Covid pandemic has only helped fuel that growth. But unlike some early pandemic activities, like baking banana bread, there seems to be no sense of that slowing down. People enjoyed being able to get a short period of solitude on the water after being cooped up inside for many months, and they have continued to seek out that experience on inflatable paddle boards. Here are some of the reasons why people love them.

Extremely practical for storage and transport

One of the best things about inflatable paddle boards, and one of the reasons they have been so popular is the ease with which they can be stored and transported. When deflated and packed away in its case, an inflatable paddle board can be hidden in a garage and then slipped into the car when you are going out on a day trip paddling. Other aquatic forms of transport, like a canoe or sailing boat can be extremely prohibitive to try and store away or move around. This practicality when it comes to transport goes beyond being able to fit into a car, it allows you to check it in as conventional flight luggage if you want to take your board with you on a holiday abroad!

Stability makes it great for beginners

Inflatable paddle boards are great options for beginners, which have made them especially popular in recent years. An inflatable paddle board can provide more buoyancy with a lighter profile than a rigid paddle board or a canoe might offer. This can help those who are new to the sport, or anyone who generally struggles with balancing on the water; as it can help you get to grips with the basics of paddle boarding pretty quickly.

Falling into the water

An inevitable part of any water sport is that at some point you will fall over and into the water. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving around a lot like in sailing, or if you are reasonably stationary like when on a canoe, at some you will inevitably end up in the water. When you do fall in, it is much easier to get back onto an inflatable paddle board, than it is to get back onto a sailing boat that has capsized or a kayak that has flipped round.

Suitable for both you and your four legged friend you got during Covid

Many people welcomed a dog to their family during the pandemic, and are now trying to plan fun days out with their four legged friends. Dog owners don’t like leaving them alone, and inflatable paddle boards allow you to do exactly that, you can bring them along in your water sports adventure. With a little training, a dog can learn to lie on the inflatable board, and remain stable as you paddle along the water.

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