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How to Know if Your Partner is ‘The One‘

Perhaps you believe that there’s the perfect person out there for absolutely everyone and you’ve been lucky enough to have already found them? Alternatively, maybe you have an entirely more practical and realistic view of relationships but are still fairly sure that the person you’re currently in a relationship with will do for many years to come.

Regardless of your personal beliefs on love and soulmates, if you’re wondering whether it’s time to take your partnership to the next level, read on for some help and advice on whether your current partner is ‘the one’.

Your Core Beliefs Are in Alignment

Your personal beliefs and values are essential components of what makes you, and as such, you should never have to compromise them, especially to fit in with your partner.

For example, if having children is absolutely non-negotiable for you, you should have a deep and meaningful conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend and be open and honest about this.

Make sure your future plans don’t directly contradict each other, and that your views on family and your day-to-day priorities, if not entirely aligned, certainly work well together.

Their Generosity & Kind Behaviour Never Wavers

Another strong indicator that the relationship will last is if even after several years or more of being together, your partner still automatically does small, yet meaningful things to make your life easier and to generally make you happy.

For example, if you’re planning to go on holiday, and they’re more than happy to include activities they know you love, even if they’re not overly keen on them, and they let you know they’re thinking about you when they’re away for work or pleasure, then they’re a keeper.

You’ve Talked About Sharing Your Future

Talk of marriage and children (if you both want them, that is) should be something that’s easily and readily discussed, and what’s more, both you and your partner should feel excited and possibly even a little nervous when faced with a future together.

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You Always Feel Appreciated

Finally, even though trust is undeniably at the heart of every strong partnership, you should also feel as if your loved one not only respects you, but that they also appreciate you.

Crucially, you need to not only feel this gratitude on special occasions or perhaps after an argument, but also each and every day, in your heart and your mind.

A partner who appreciates both you and your relationship in general should never be looking for ways and means of changing any aspect of who you are and rather feels that your differences and quirks complement each other instead.

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