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Four favourite web design features to upgrade your site today

Keeping up with web design is like evolution: you have to adapt or die. As well as being user-friendly, your website needs to engage your target audience, especially if you’re a smaller operator trying to stand out from the competition. It pays to be distinctive, to keep users happy and above all, to keep it fresh. You can look into this yourself, or you can pick the easier option and go with someone similar to this seattle web design company to do it for you. That way, you see better and faster results.

Touching on everything from colour schemes to image compression, here are some easily implemented web design features to upgrade your site today.

Statement colours + top-notch typography

One design trend that will situate you among the innovators in 2019 is a statement colour palette with warmer tones around your calls-to-action (CTA). High contrast and vibrant colours are all-the-rage among consumers. Pair these with a bold font to really get your message across to site visitors.

Speed up your pages

There are lots of ways you can do this. A Google site speed test can help you isolate problem pages for remedial action. Speeding your pages up can be a laborious process, involving everything from leveraging browser caching to limiting your HTTP requests. And if you don’t know what either of those things are, you’re not alone.

If you’re a DIY web designer, then a good starting point is something called a compression audit, where you look to compress your content files. Images can be particularly cumbersome when it comes to page loading.

Make it mobile-friendly

As of mid-2018, Google mobile-first indexing means your search ranking is largely predicated on how your site functions for mobile phone users. This change reflects the fact that more searches are taking place on smartphones than on desktops. Google has a mobile-friendliness test that you can use to see how your site and pages are working for mobile users. This provides some entry-level recommendations about how you can fix any existing search penalties.

But there’s more to it than just climbing the ranking. If you can implement responsive design across your site, you’ll improve the way your website displays to potential customers and quicken your page loading times into the bargain. To ensure that you don’t miss out on this, look into the benefits of hiring a design agency such as ALT Agency. They will be able to design and build a functioning mobile site that your customers will love.

Video content

There’s a trade-off here because video content can slow down your pages if done wrong. However, it’s generally recognised that quality video content will offer added stickiness to your site and increase your dwell time. Big brands have used video on their sites for a long time, especially in lifestyle industries. They’re a strong way of showcasing customer testimonials, for instance.

One great way of enhancing user experience is by creating video headers that showcase your brand’s dynamism. Start by looping a short clip with a file size of less than 6MB in ten-second bursts.

Never underestimate the power of web design to convert people to your cause. A final tip is to keep an eye on your competitors and be willing to steal their ideas when they look like they’re working. If you can keep your website looking like it’s in vital touch with the latest trends, you’ll create a similar impression about your brand.

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