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How to start managing driver health and safety in your workplace

 The equipment and machinery that we use within a workplace are one of the key areas that need managing from a health and safety perspective. This is defined by the inclusion of the ‘employer’s responsibility’ to ensure the appropriate steps are taken towards ensuring the safety of employees and relevant individuals who may come into contact with employers using vehicles at work. This includes the use of a vehicle within the organisation regardless of if it is a company or personal car. Here are some steps your business can take towards improving driver safety in your organisation.

  1. Follow safe site, vehicle and driver protocol

Current best practices focus on three key areas of managing driver safety. The design of the site, the safety of the vehicle and the safety of the driver. The design of the site concerns areas like signage and floor layout whilst the safety of the vehicle focuses on maintenance and safety checks. Driver safety targets the training and behavioural factors of the vehicle operator.

  • Improve the design of your workplace for vehicles

An area that many overlook when analysing the safety of their vehicle usage is through the design of the workplace. One of the key aspects of a safe vehicle workplace is the route the traffic takes. In warehouses make sure the vehicle routes are clearly marked and that the floor is even. Including the appropriate signage to warn individuals that vehicles are in operation will also help in the reduction of incidents.

  • Train your driver appropriately

If you have a well-designed workplace and a well-maintained vehicle then you should focus on improving the safety of your driver as this is one of the most challenging areas to do well in. Ensure adequate training is given to vehicle operators and they are fully aware of the correct workplace protocols to follow.

  • Develop an iterative approach to improvements

Whilst putting in place some of the practical recommendations in this guide will help improve your driver safety the rapid speed at which vehicles are developing means an iterative approach is needed if you are to keep your workplace safe in the near future. Make sure you stay aware of any updates to health and safety policy and best practice to help keep your employees safe.

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