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Staying Safe Online Whilst Travelling

For many it certainly looks like international travel will soon be back on the cards as countries around the world start to ease their border restrictions and the vaccination efforts will start to allow travel to be much more accessible. Our lives don’t come to a stand still when we are travelling however, and for many of us it’s an opportunity to spend just as much time online or more in some instances, but that does mean that more care needs to be taken when exploring the online space from a foreign country for a number of different reasons. But what do you need to keep in mind, and what can you use to protect you?

Be careful of restricted apps and sites – Depending on the country you’re visiting; you may not have as open access as you’re used to for many of your favourite apps or sites online. The biggest to be careful will certainly be within gaming, new operators popping up with their newer services shown with a casino review of this conquistador casino for example continues to attract new players, but some countries will have very strict laws for online gambling or other forms of online gaming. Be sure to read up on things like online gaming restrictions before a trip, as if you use it as a way to relax, you’ll want to be sure that whatever you’re playing can’t land you in a spot of trouble. You don’t want to be playing bingo for cash and find out that you aren’t supposed to be playing it in the region you are in. Be careful and read the rules.

Are VPNs Legal : In Which Countries are VPNs Illegal? | Le VPN(Image from

VPN’s are helpful but be wary of these too – A growing number of people have started to heed the advice of experts online and started to use a VPN to protect their data in the online space – but the same rules apply to these as gaming as some countries are a little more restrictive on whether or not they allow VPN usage. If it has been active on your device for quite some time, you may have already forgotten it’s running in the background, but if you want to ensure you don’t run into a spot of trouble then read up on rules ahead of time. Read these private internet access reviews before heading abroad to find out where they are allowed and which ones give the most protection. Some countries may allow different things to others, so it’s best to read up on them. Be wary of public connections and don’t forget about data roaming – It’s well known already to steer clear of public connections at the local Starbucks or McDonalds for example if you’re going to be doing anything data-sensitive, but it’s typically a good idea to steer clear of public access points as a general rule of thumb. Similarly, although not so much for online safety to keep costs low, keep an eye on your roaming costs as they can quickly stack up particularly if you’re not able to get on secure WiFi as often as you’d like to, and particularly if you’re using your mobile as a tool of relaxation!

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