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Why a Celebrity Smile Is No Longer Just for Celebs

In part as a result of what we see on TV and in the movies, it can be very easy to believe that the glamorous lives lead by celebrities are just perfect in every sense. There is makeup for those ‘just woken up’ scenes, FYI, but I guess we all subconsciously have an idea of the existence of such things, so no, our favourite celebs don’t look perfect even after just having woken up.

One thing that has dominated the appearances of the many adored celebs we’ve come to know through the media and online blogs like Gossip Bae, is that of the so-called celebrity smile. This is particularly the case when taking into account the likes of Hollywood, where the power of global celeb culture is concentrated.

However, even in places like the UK and Japan, where having had one’s teeth ‘done’ was more commonly something associated with celebrities, if you were to mention a celeb smile, people would generally know exactly what you’re talking about. So it’s basically just what is referred to as something of a perfect smile, or as perfect as a smile can get.

It’s been ordinarily referred to as a celebrity smile, but now that famous celebrity smile is no longer the preserve of celebs. There are a number of reasons for this rather positive development.

We aim to emulate celebrities as our role models

Hopefully only in the good ways, the people we celebrate, known as celebrities, are inspirations for many of us regular folk and we strive to emulate them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to present your best look to the world, so the fact that we might want to look as good as our favourite stars makes for one of the reasons why celebrity smiles are no longer just for celebrities. You can have a celeb smile as well.

An emerging fast-track to stardom and relative fame

These days it doesn’t take all that much to gain relative fame, or even outright fame. I mean there are the likes of so-called social media influencers who have a larger following on their social networking platforms than some of the most well-known, official celebs. Between Insta-celebs (people who gain fame on social media platforms like Instagram), YouTubers (vloggers) and even bloggers, there are many more people whom we could very well refer to as celebrities in their own right. These and other people would naturally want to conform to some of the attributes associated with celebrities, such as having that so-called celeb smile.

More widespread availability (accessibility)

Another reason why celeb smiles aren’t exclusively for the celebrities any longer is their increased availability and accessibility. A mere 10 years ago it might have cost an arm-and-a-leg to get your perfect smile, but now you don’t even have to jump on a plane to access cheap cosmetic dentistry services. In some parts of the world, wearing braces is somewhat of a fashion statement, in addition to the underlying effects, of course.

Addressing deeper personal issues

It’s often said that a mere smile can brighten up one’s day, so we’re always encouraged to flash it to whomever we can, whenever the opportunity befalls us. More people have long since become self-conscious about flashing a less-than-perfect smile though, which is why the more widespread accessibility to the so-called celebrity smile is a good thing. How many more people are coming on board and flashing their newly-minted celeb smiles to help brighten up the world, or just make someone’s day?

Careers carved out in the services industry

Try getting a job as a cabin crew member for even a budget airline with a less-than-perfect smile and you’ll be happy with the emergence of the fact that a celeb smile isn’t just for celebs, and whatever smile corrections are required can be handled by a cosmetic dentist rancho san diego (or any other company for that matter). Many careers in the services industry in a sense require what was previously exclusively known as the so-called celeb smile.

Advocating for a higher general quality of life

Although the term primarily emerged from a cosmetic point-of-view, a great smile is actually a great indicator for good oral health, which in turn is an indicator for general health and wellbeing. Issues such as unusual overbite and the likes, are corrected with their association with the so-called celebrity smile.

So if you can, everybody should perhaps have a celebrity smile these days.

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