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Hosting an Event in Bristol

You have probably heard all about a plethora of things to do in Bristol, but did you know that you could bring the party to this iconic city and host your own event?  You don’t even have to be a resident but it certainly does help, so if you’re not a resident and you’re considering hosting your own event in Bristol, you could perhaps rope in a local to be listed as a co-host or a co-organiser of the event.

Even internationals would be given a fair chance to hold an event in Bristol, which naturally has international appeal as it comes with the allure of a city known to host some of the best in the world’s finest arts, culture and entertainment across all classifications. It’s somewhat of a marketing fast-track in itself for your event to be listed among the list of upcoming dos to attend on all the platforms which you would have worked to get it circulated on.

It’s very easy to get listed on some eye-drawing calendars and schedules if you have officially applied for your event to be held and you have subsequently been approved by the local Bristol government. Again, you probably want to collaborate with a resident has perhaps the main host for your event as that just makes things that much easier, since the local Bristol government officially has this privilege listed as being open to residents.

The event has to fall under the arts, culture and events, more broadly falling under museums, parks, sports and culture. In truth, you can get away with pretty much anything as entertainment generally falls under this broad category…

Where to stay

You will want to stay quite comfortably for the duration of the event, with your period of stay perhaps encompassing the few days that build-up to the actual event and maybe a couple of days afterwards. There’s some great short-term accommodation in Clifton, with serviced apartments perhaps making for the best option. It’s nice to be able to retreat to a fully catered, luxury serviced apartment that’s away from the buzz of the city…

Transportation throughout Bristol is a breeze, making it easy to head into town from residential areas such as Clifton in particular.

Types of events that can be held

The list of the types of events you can host is said to be dynamically changing in light of the public health concerns the entire world is facing, but in reality, it’s pretty much the same as how it’s always been. The only thing you can’t really do is host a huge party, but otherwise, the types of events you can host include fun-fairs (or a circus), pop-up bars and restaurants, outdoor cinemas and drive-ins, open space theatre walkabouts, religious dos, events around the performing arts, and community meetups.

If there’s a park, city centre space or even a large estate park you’ve identified as a possible space on which to host your event, chances are you can indeed get permission to do so. The onus is on you to dream up the event and then apply for permission with the local government.

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