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Why serviced apartments are better than hotels that cost the same

The answer is probably in the question, but since we’re exploring the topic, what would you choose between a serviced apartment and a hotel if you were presented with two of these options that cost the same? The answer should be the serviced apartment, especially if it’s short-term accommodation you’re seeking.

If it’s long-term accommodation then there’s no contest at all. You should definitely go for the serviced apartment.

What makes a similarly priced serviced apartment better than its hotel room equivalent though?

Better value for money

All things considered, a self-catering apartment just offers more value than its similarly-priced hotel counterpart. Where is this value contained? It’s contained in the amenities of the unit. It’s value you can touch and feel. For instance, every traditional hotel room includes the equivalent of a service charge in the total cost, so whether you turn the housekeeper away so that they don’t make your bed on a particular day, it’s a service you’re paying for.

Whether or not it adds value to your life having a doorman hold the door open for you, guess what? You’re paying for that service too.

So the value contained in a serviced apartment is a lot more tangible.

More freedom and flexibility

Compared to a similarly priced self-catering apartment, you’re basically paying for the pomp that comes with a hotel room. You don’t get much in the way of flexibility, period, let alone compared to the flexibility you’d get in a serviced apartment. For example, the in-house kitchen might be closed at a certain time in the hotel, with the room-service alternative costing about as much as the nightly room price, whereas in a self-catered unit you can cook up a storm and enjoy a midnight feast if needs be.

The flexibility also comes in the form of a wider variety of different styles you can enjoy in a self-catered apartment over a traditional chain hotel room.

A much homelier feeling

For the most part what you’re paying for in a traditional hotel room is the star-rating, to go with the built-in concierge charge, of course. Hotels often have to adhere to a certain segment of tourism regulations, with the associated costs passed on to the lodger. This is not to say you won’t get any value you can feel at all out of a hotel room, but a serviced apartment feels more like home in many different ways.

That homely feeling can make your entire trip, even if you’re lodging short-term. That homely feeling is often induced by a friendly host to whom you can go and ask for anything else you might need that isn’t initially part of the service and the room. This can even be some advice on where to eat for cheap or something along the lines of how to get around in a cheaper way than what a hotel would have tried to get you to pay for, i.e., their own service. Basically for the same price you’d pay for a hotel room, you get a more personalised service choosing a serviced apartment instead.

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