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Why Switch To Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows are something every homeowner wants to stay clear of yet they somehow pay for it in every other hidden expense that comes across them. While it is true that double glazed windows are surely an investment, here is a comprehensive guide that might convince you to take the plunge.


But first, what are double glazed windows? It is the process by which a window frame is formed by fusing 2 panes of glass and filling the minute gap (12-16 mm) by normal air or inert gases such as xenon or argon gas. Coupled with 2 layers of silicone coating, the glass frames form a strong layer of insulation that significantly reduces heat losses.

Looking for new windows? Here are the reasons why you should get double glazed windows

1. Lower Energy Costs

As already mentioned, because of the insulation barrier, double glazed windows help keep your house warmer in the colder months which means your central heating unit won’t have to work too hard in constantly maintaining internal temperatures. So, look for double glazing cost too when you’re checking out window prices.

Moreover, by reducing energy costs and heat losses, double glazed windows can help you save hundreds of dollars per year in the long run. It is important to ensure you install these windows because your heating system, whether installed by a company like CJS Heating and Cooling or someone else, will be working hard to replace the air that is being lost through the window nooks and therefore the bills will continue to rise without you knowing it.


2. The Value of Your Property Increases

Now we all know that these windows are certainly not cheap but they are an amazing investment point to consider. Whether it’s furnishing your old property with the latest window upgrade, potential buyers will recognize the lower energy and utility costs that your property has to offer before bidding a final price.

3. Acoustic Insulation

Who said these windows only reduce heat losses? The latest technology and research put into these windows allows accelerated acoustic filtration and significant reduction in outside noise levels. So if you live nearby a busy street in your local downtown, these windows are the answer to all your woes. Surprisingly they also work the other way around, meaning they also confine noise levels within your house. Intelligent!


4. Home Protection

Because of the double-pane set up, these windows are actually much harder to break or damage, especially by burglars and intruders. This is an important issue that all homeowners should take into account as homes are always at risk. Blog articles such as ‘How to Protect Our Homes from Burglary‘ can delve into this further for those who need more assistance. This is especially true for laminated glass windows. Apart from the strong exterior, these windows also reduce condensation rates that ultimately reduces the growth of mold and mildew in your house. The harmful UV rays of the sun don’t only affect you, they can fade your carpets and rugs and make your furniture appear faded in the long run. That’s where these windows are the best selling point for your house because they also reduce the penetration of harmful sun rays into your house.

5. Durability

These windows can last an exceptionally long time for up to 25 years being the bare minimum. Now that’s what I call loyalty.

6. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Not only will you be doing yourself a favor, you will be saving the environment big time. Double glazed windows significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the continuous use of heating and cooling systems.

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