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3 Unexpected Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you plan to move soon, then the chances are that you’ll want to get the best selling price possible for your home. A great way to increase its market value is with upgrades, such as a kitchen renovation, swapping out old appliances for new.

As you are looking for a new home for yourself, you should have some idea on how to present your home, from other properties that you’ve been looking at. It’s worth researching current interior design trends, such as adding wall stickers, so you can make your house look as modern and appealing as you can.

While certain additions are commonplace, here are some ideas that are likely more unexpected.

1. Modernise the Entrance

One area in the house that is often overlooked is your entranceway. It is the first thing a potential buyer sees upon stepping through the front door. An outdated space can create a poor initial impression that dampens anything else that is seen in a walkthrough. Thankfully, it is relatively inexpensive to modernise a room these days!

While a lick of paint will work wonders to freshen up the entrance, it is also good to show off its functionality. For example, add some hooks into the wall for coats, maybe even something to hang keys on. A great final touch is fresh flowers in a vase on a table can add sophistication to the area.

If there is room, you should also consider adding a bench. It offers people a place to put on and take off their shoes.

2. Fireplace Addition

Fireplaces come in a variety of styles and sizes, which means you can customise it to the room you want, or even put one outdoors. Adding a fireplace from to a room can create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere.

The soothing, warm fire is also easy to enjoy; it can simply turn on with a switch, for example. When it comes to selecting one, pick a style that suits the room, whether it’s antique or contemporary, and use a professional installer to ensure it’s safe. Choices include gas and electrical, as well as bioethanol, which doesn’t require a chimney and offers a real flame.

3. New Light Fixtures

One way you can update a room is by adding new lighting features. Light switches can fade and get dirty over time as they are in constant use. They can also become outdated in appearance; if that’s the case, then get new plates and switches to replace them. Remember to turn off the power first, so your safety is not at risk! Depending on your lights acoustic, you could get a new plate to match the fitting.

Look up at the ceiling lights to assess if they make your rooms look older, despite new cabinets or other renovations you’ve done over the years. Focus on clean lights that are simple in design to blend in with the rest of the room rather than standing out and use energy-efficient LEDs.

Your Home’s Value

As you perform upgrades and arrange the decor around the house, keep in mind what a potential buyer would be looking for. If you are not sure if your home is functionally suitable for families with young children, or buyers who are looking to downsize, then speak with a real estate agent.

This professional can advise what improvements will make sense for the residence and offer a good return on investment. Increasing the property value means you have more options when looking for a new home.

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