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5 Cool Jobs to Have in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its wild stories and fun events. As the saying goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” However, it’s not just guests and tourists that can have a fun time in Sin City. Many residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have plenty of opportunities to get in on the fun. There are some great jobs to have in Las Vegas, most of which will get you close to the fun and mayhem. While some of these jobs may be considered boring and normal in other locations. Vegas is so wild and crazy that you’ll likely experience something new and crazy every day on the job. Here are five cool jobs to have in Las Vegas.


One of the coolest jobs you can have in Vegas is in acting. There are many shows in Vegas, most of which require many performers. These shows are always spectacular and crazy, making it great fun for the audience and the performers alike. Vegas is well known for its live shows, meaning that a Las Vegas actress or actor has plenty of opportunities to make it big. In addition, interactions with Vegas crowd goers can get quite rowdy, making performing in Vegas much more fun and exciting than performing in other locations. 

Card Dealer

Vegas is well known for its wide range of casinos, all of which have plenty of card tables to play at. The large amounts of casinos and card tables open up a wide range of fun and interesting jobs that people can hold. One of the really fun jobs that you can get at a casino is a card dealer. There’s actually quite a lot of process and procedure that must be followed for the job, making it quite interesting. In addition, you never quite know what to expect as all sorts of people will likely come to your table to gamble. Being a card dealer in Vegas allows you to experience all the craziness that the city has to offer while still providing satisfying work.

Security Officer

When thinking of cool jobs to have, a security officer position likely isn’t the first thing that pops in your head. However, Vegas is a huge showbusiness town with many celebrities rolling through. If you’re a talented security guard working for a company that offers reliable Protection Services, then you’ll likely be working at the biggest shows and for the biggest stars. You never know who you could be working for, as all sorts of big celebrities make their way through Vegas. Being a security officer might seem like a mundane job, but nothing is boring in Vegas. 


Although you may consider bartending a boring normal job, that certainly isn’t true in Las Vegas. Vegas is home to some of the biggest most exciting bars in the country, and bartending at these bars is quite the experience. You never really know what you’ll see at a Vegas bar, making the job pretty interesting and exciting. Seeing famous celebrities and influencers at Vegas bars is a common sight, so there’s even more excitement added. However, Vegas bars can get extremely busy, meaning that you’ll constantly be on your toes and serving guests. Despite this, being a bartender in Sin City can be very exciting and a lot of fun.

Street Performer

The streets of Vegas can get pretty wild, especially at night. If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you’ve likely seen several performers out on the streets mingling among the crowds. These performers get up close and personal with their audience, making it quite the job. Errors and mistakes are much more noticeable up close, so in order to be a street performer, you need to be on the top of your game. You need to be extremely talented and unique to make it as a street performer, but the great ones earn a level of fame in the area. In addition, street performers have the luxury of interacting with the Vegas crowd on a daily basis, a major plus for the job. 

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