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Brighter Colours for the Brighter Months Ahead

Chances are you are so sick of the darkness and dullness of the last six months, seeing the same four walls, floor and ceiling of your home with the same colours and fixtures probably feels like a chore to clean because it’s all so… well… samey?

Now you are noticing that the days are starting to get brighter, longer and fresher and you are starting to feel the outer warmth. But inner warmth can make the package complete and that comes from adding some comfort in mind and soul. It could be that your four walls, floor and ceiling need to reflect the change and become a bit brighter too (house painters in arkansas or wherever you live should be able to brighten up your walls in no time with a fresh lick of paint, so it’s worth considering this first).

Let’s see some ideas on the market that can be cheap, cheerful and joyful to your home.

Switch Your Walls Around with Happy Images

When we hang up art pieces, canvasses and family images we get used to seeing them every single day.

Whilst they may be nice and give a sense of our individuality and personality, they tend to get ignored after a while. This is why you should always have seasonal hang ups in art, canvasses and photographs to give differing flavours and vibes in different seasons. Maybe take down those black and white pictures and replace them with some colourful ones to help illuminate the walls. You can always add a new paint colour to your wall that is neutral so that whatever you hang over it does not clash.

As the seasons come around you have an urge to buy new decorative features for your walls, so go with something that you can easily take down again and replace with something more suitable for the later year autumn months.

Pull Up the Carpet and Lay Some Wood

Nothing spells a natural vibrancy much like some light wooden flooring, however many people think this is an expensive addition to the home in place of their old carpet.

For those who want the same look at a cheaper price, you could opt for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring. Not only does it perfectly replicate light hardwood flooring, but it actually has more durability than the real thing. It also has a whole heap of protective qualities such as anti-scratch and stain resistance, plus it won’t rot if it gets wet due to waterproofing.

Although a cheaper option it is not a cheap and flimsy product. Even the lowest price Amtico flooring and Amtico Spacia provide the same qualities as the more expensive brands and provides the same easy clean properties. Find a light wood design from their range and install over a weekend for a great look to the home.

One thing to note though, is that even after you install wood vinyl flooring, one of the most important things to let the floors shine is to keep them clean. As these are very smooth surfaces, they can be quite a task to clean properly. However, with the right vacuum cleaner such as this Riccar r25p or other similar ones, you would be able to maintain the floor’s pristine beauty.

Replace the Lightshade

If your current shade for your light is dusty and dulled, why not switch it for something that provides a bit more character and that little something extra.

Naturally, you don’t need a chandelier hanging down, but glass or crystal effect shading gives a great light balance around the room on sunny days. They also can be complemented by some lighter curtains, so the sun does not blind everyone through reflection. In case you are confused about how to mix and match to achieve the best look for your interiors, consider talking to an experienced interior designer (one can be found here).

With the return of the sunnier days and the warm weather to join us soon enough, it is the perfect time to provide your home with a boost to match your mood, bringing your outside in to keep you happy, bright, and relaxed.

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